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Finding ways to say goodbye to your beloved pet can be difficult.

My Best Friends aims to provide pet owners with an opportunity to celebrate the relationships they have treasured with their departed pets. The memorial products are designed with personalisation in mind. The Burial Bone can be personalised by attaching your pets tag or collar and the Stacking Stones come with a stainless steel disc for inscribing a special message.

My Best Friends products are unique and handcrafted from the highest quality materials. All products are designed and manufactured in Australia with the aim to foster and support local industries and artisan studios.

My Best Friends is the creation of designer Karina Clarke. The idea for developing pet memorials came to her after the passing of her dog Lillie.lillie1-poster

Karina believes that the design of many pet memorial products have more sombre characteristics akin to human memorials. By replicating these forms we fail to reflect on the humour, delight and love our pets have given us unconditionally. This is the challenge My Best Friends has taken up in order to give people more choice with the ways they say goodbye and recall the memories.

A friend who truly knows you is always with you…..

(Chinese Proverb)

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